YouTube Random Comment Picker - Sweepstakes Winner Generator (2023)

YouTube Comment Picker is the easiest way to randomly select a winner from all comments on a YouTube video. You can use this to choose a winner for your YouTube giveaway, promotion, sweepstakes or contest.

Enter your YouTube video link, choose filters and settings, receive comments and enter a drawing to choose a random winner. You can use YouTube's comment picker for free.

We support YouTube giveaways for both regular YouTube videos and short YouTube videos.

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YouTube Contest Settings

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How do I find links to my YouTube videos?


Settings and Filters for YouTube Giveaway


Enter multiple hashtags or words separated by commas. For example #compete, #compete. When using multiple words, all words should be included in one comment.

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Each username is on a new line or separated by commas.


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Enter each name on a new line or separate with commas. You can enter the name multiple times to provide users with additional entries.

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Start the draw and choose a winner

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Past winners

    How are the winners of the YouTube Contest chosen?

    Follow the steps below to select the winner of the YouTube giveaway:

    1. Enter a link to a YouTube video.
    2. Choose settings for filtering comments and users.
    3. Add additional entries or block users.
    4. Click Get YouTube Comments.
    5. Press "Start" to start drawing and choose a winner at random.
    6. Create and share unique links to results.

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    What is the YouTube comment selector?

    YouTube Comment Picker is a simple free tool that allows you to choose a winner for a YouTube sweepstakes, sweepstakes, promotion, contest or sweepstakes based on comments on YouTube videos.

    First, enter the YouTube video URL into the tool and click Get Comments. We will download all comments from the official YouTube API. We add replies to comments, append entries, block users and filter duplicate names from comments based on the settings you choose. Once all reviews have been retrieved, you can start the winner generator and randomly select a winner from all reviews by clicking the "Start" button.

    By using this tool, you agree to the following obligationsYouTube Terms of Service.

    Save and share race results

    After drawing on YouTube with our giveaway tool, there is an option to save your results. You can do this using one of the share buttons below the contest details on YouTube. This will create a unique results page for your sweepstakes with the following information:

    • The name and profile picture of the sweepstakes winner.
    • Link to the winner's channel.
    • Comments from the winners.
    • number of entries.
    • draw date.
    • Link na YouTube video.

    Example of a receipt showing the results of a YouTube giveaway:

    YouTube Random Comment Picker - Sweepstakes Winner Generator (2)

    Results pages are kept for at least 3 months and do not contain any of your private information.

    Settings and filters for YouTube contests

    You can filter comments and include or exclude users based on contest rules. Below we explain the individual settings of our tool.

    filter duplicate users

    If the "Filter Duplicate Users" option is enabled, it means that if a user adds two comments to your video contest, it will be counted as one entry. This way, you can ensure that people don't spam your competition with comments to allow them to make additional changes themselves. We filter users based on the unique user IDs that YouTube users have.

    Add a reply to a comment

    Replies are comments that reply to top-level comments. These comments are posted via the "Reply" button on YouTube. If you activate this option, these comments will also be included. These annotations are not included by default.

    Filter comments based on specific text

    Let's say you run a sweepstakes where people are expected to answer a question correctly or guess a number. This option ensures that only users with certain text or answers are included in the entry. This can be useful if you run a guessing contest on YouTube. If multiple words are entered, all words should be included in one comment.

    add another entry

    By default, only comments count as contest or promotion entries. With our tool, we can't get subscribers or people who like your videos. If you want to give people extra change when they subscribe to your channel or like your videos, you can use the extra post option to add their name. These names are not assigned to any user in the comments and are not filtered.

    exclude users

    If this option is enabled, you can add usernames to be excluded from the contest. This option can be used to exclude previous winners from winning again or to block unwanted accounts. You'll need to enter a name that will appear on your YouTube channel or comment, such as Comment Picker.

    YouTube Contest Rules

    Want to learn more about what's and isn't allowed in YouTube contests? Or would you like to learn more about how to create a successful giveaway to increase subscribers and views?

    You can read about it on our blogHow to organize a giveaway on YouTube?

    How to find the URL of a YouTube video?

    In the following steps, you can find and copy a YouTube video link from the YouTube app or any browser.

    Copy YouTube video link from YouTube app

    1. Open the YouTube application.
    2. Go to YouTube video.
    3. Press "Share".
    4. Press copy link.

    YouTube Random Comment Picker - Sweepstakes Winner Generator (3)

    Copy YouTube video link via browser

    1. Open YouTube in your browser.
    2. Go to YouTube video.
    3. Copy the link from your browser's address bar.

    YouTube Random Comment Picker - Sweepstakes Winner Generator (4)

    You can also click "Share" > "Copy" below the video. The YouTube video link will now be copied to your clipboard. You can paste it into our tool.

    Description: YouTube Random Comments

    Watch our video tutorial on how to use our YouTube comment picker.

    frequently asked questions

    Find answers to frequently asked questions about our tools in the list below. Your specific question isn't listed? Send us a message on Facebook or Instagram.

    The comment selector on YouTube isfree to useUp to 500 YouTube comments.

    Join Premium to get unlimited comments for your YouTube contests, get an ad-free site, filter comments, pick a winner out of 2 YouTube videos and choose a winner by spinning the submission wheel.

    Comment selection on YouTube is limited to 500 comments for free users and offersunlimited commentsFor advanced users.

    We will not be able to accept comments if comments are disabled, the video has been removed, or the video has been set to private. You should also check that you have entered the correct YouTube video link.

    YouTube Comment Picker supports picking comments from short videos on YouTube, as long as the video supports comments and is publicly available. All you have to do is enter the URL of a short YouTube video and it will randomly select the comments in the short video for you.

    No, we will never manipulate the results of our tools. The tools are completely random and fair to everyone.

    Unfortunately, YouTube's comment picker cannot currently extract comments from YouTube Live Chat. We hope to support this feature in the future.

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