What happens when someone texts you while in airplane mode? (2023)

There are some phone features that are rarely used, and even girls who are on the phone 24/7 have questions about why and how to use them.

Airplane mode is one such feature that you might have stumbled upon one day while trying to figure out why your phone wasn't picking up.

While frequent travelers may be used to putting their phones on airplane mode, they might even wonder what happens when they receive that long-awaited text at 3,000 feet.

When your phone is in airplane mode, it's easy to go crazy wondering if you missed a text from your employer or hot guy.

If you receive a text message while your phone is in airplane mode, the message will be put on hold and sent after you turn off airplane mode.

Senders will not receive message status updates until Airplane Mode is turned off.

When your phone is in airplane mode, calls or texts you send will not be forwarded.

So if you turn off airplane mode and still don't get the text message you were expecting, you haven't missed it. Sorry to say this, but it was never sent.

While airplane mode can be an annoying inconvenience, it serves a purpose.

All you have to do is tell your contacts that you are flying and temporarily unable to answer or return their calls or messages.


What is Airplane Mode?

What happens when someone texts you while in airplane mode? (1)

Airplane mode prevents your phone's signal from reaching cell towers.

But you probably figured it out the first time you accidentally put your phone on airplane mode!

If you don't travel a lot, you might think Airplane Mode is the equivalent of "Do Not Disturb."

Sure, this might come in handy when you're listening to a stern professor or watching a movie, but wouldn't turning off the sound or vibration have the same effect?

What girl in her right mind would want to block her cell phone signal?

But when you're flying at 3,000 feet, airplane mode is a critical safety feature, and air traffic controllers need its signal to keep pilots clear.

Why can't I receive text messages in airplane mode?

If you think about it, there were probably at least 100 other passengers on that flight with you, and hundreds more on other planes flying at the same time — and each of those passengers probably had a cell phone.

That would mean lots of mobile signals clogging your airways and scrambling to get to the towers!

But air traffic controllers also use the signals to track flights and communicate with pilots.

If your cell phone is capable of sending and receiving text messages, you may be interfering with pilots receiving text messages.

And no one on this flight would want to interfere with the pilot's communications - especially if it's helpful!

What else can you do in airplane mode?

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Of course, the implementation of aircraft operating modes affects the passenger's enjoyment of the flight.

Therefore, most airlines have begun to provide in-flight WiFi, allowing passengers to connect to WiFi or even Bluetooth headsets.

Even if your phone is in airplane mode, you can still take pictures and play video games.

When you're connected to WiFi, you can still send and receive messages through messaging apps like WhatsApp and Facebook.

If you're like most girls, you probably use your phone primarily for surfing and social networking.

Well, you can enjoy the internet even when your phone is in airplane mode. You just wait for the plane to land and see who texted you.

When to Use Airplane Mode

If you rarely travel, you may find the airplane mode feature tedious and useless.

But surprisingly, Airplane Mode can come in handy even when you're safe on the ground.

For example, you can prevent annoying text messages from being accidentally sent from your phone by quickly putting your phone into airplane mode before the signal reaches the recipient.

Here are some other scenarios where airplane mode might come in handy.

Sure, you'll be late getting text messages, and you might miss a few calls, but in some cases, the benefits may outweigh the inconvenience.

kids playing with your phone

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If you already have kids of your own or babysit them occasionally for extra income, you know that keeping some kids busy can be a challenge.

Cell phones, video games, and computers are often safe ways to bring peace and contentment to their little world—as long as they don't have to share it with others.

But giving a child a cell phone is risky.

Even if you have a case and screen protector, there's nothing stopping you from accessing your contacts or ordering stuff with a credit card you've saved.

However, when your phone is in airplane mode, the kids can still play offline games -- and stay out of trouble.

Charge your phone faster

If your battery suddenly dies while you're out and about, it's more of a panic than accidentally switching to airplane mode!

Sure, you could easily grab a cup of coffee at Starbucks and turn on your phone for a few minutes, but how much power do you expect to need in such a short amount of time?

Instead of turning off your phone, you can put your phone in airplane mode for faster charging.

Since your phone doesn't waste energy searching for a signal, it automatically charges faster.

increase productivity

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Airplane mode can actually come in handy if you're studying for a final exam or preparing for a job presentation under time pressure.

When your phone is in airplane mode and not connected to Wi-Fi, you won't be constantly bombarded with annoying notifications, which can help you focus and be more productive.

plan some downtime

Sometimes a girl just needs a break from social media and the world in general.

Now, you might not be able to imagine a time when you'll want to put your phone down for a minute, but every girl has her day.

You may be suffering from or recovering from PMSterrible breakup.

Or maybe you just need some time to focus on yourself, get a pedicure and watch some sweet reruns.

Airplane mode can help you take a break from the world and relax for a while.

spend time with your husband

What happens when someone texts you while in airplane mode? (5)

Nothing ruins the mood quite like a phone ringing during a hot makeup session.

you can focus on thatyour typeWhen you're in the bedroom or on a date, you can temporarily switch to airplane mode instead of your phone.

If it's the holidays and you haven't seen your family in a while, it might be polite to at least put your phone on airplane mode during the holiday dinner so you can spend quality time with your family.

Text messages will be delayed, but you will still receive text messages when airplane mode is turned off.

Switching to Airplane Mode not only keeps you safe while flying, it also helps you relax.

Silent mode, on the other hand, works too -- and doesn't interfere with receiving calls and texts.

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