How to Create a Convincing Sales Presentation Using PowerPoint - Zebra BI (2023)

While PowerPoint is a powerful tool for creating sales presentations, its charting capabilities are limited, and this is where Zebra BI for PowerPoint comes in, providing impressive visualization capabilities.

As a business user, creating sales pitches can be challengingDifficult task.It requires a clear understanding of the data and the ability to present it in an attractive and visually appealing manner. With so many tools available, it can be overwhelming to choose the right tool to help you achieve your goals.

whether you aresales Manager, Abusiness analyst, or amarketing profit, you're probably familiar with creating presentations with PowerPoint. In this blog post, we'll look at some of its key benefits and see how you can take advantage of themZebra BI for PowerPointHighlight your visuals and make something stand outTips for Designing and Delivering Presentations.

So let's get started!

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Advantages of PowerPoint

PowerPoint is one of the most widely used toolsmake a presentationAnd with good reason. It is an effective communication tool for sales presentations because it helps convey a professional feel, visually illustrates key points, is highly customizable, organizes information in a structured framework, andsave time.

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That's why these advantages are important:

professional:A well-designed PowerPoint presentation can help you understand somethingprofessional knowledge,reputation,And pass on the knowledge to your customers and other target groups. To successfully position yourself as a reliable party, pay special attention toto designIcontentyour speech.

In terms of design, useunique color schemeIstyle fontBe careful not to overwhelm your slides with information or visuals. In terms of content, focus on using images, diagrams, and tables to illustrate and emphasize your arguments.

Tip: For consistency, you can adopt standards such asIBCS, for your report. Zebra BI visuals arefully compatibleWith this standard, you can achieve incredible results.

Remember, it's all about building your credibility with your audience!

Optical:This isimportant aspectCreate effective PowerPoint sales presentations. andvisually appealingand an attractive presentationgrab the audience's attentionAnd help them better understand and remember your message. you can includeSuch,graphics,chart,table,and other visual aids to illustrate your argument and make your presentation more engaging and memorable.

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flexibility: This is one of the highlights of PowerPoint. It provides you customization options and themes to createunique and charmingIattractive speechReflect your branding and message. You can also use it to craft different types of materials. You can design a background presentation to accompany your presentation, or create a stand-alone handout that includes all relevant information and can be reviewed after the meeting.

Another important part of its flexibility is that it can be extendedAccessoriesfromfrom the office,Where to find itZebra BI for PowerPoint It provides advanced charting and visualization capabilities.

weather efficiency: Sales presentations can be easily created in PowerPoint and quickly adapted to your needs.

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See how easy it is to create visually stunning presentations. Try out the 30+ chart options and see what they can do for you.

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There is no doubt that PowerPoint is an extremely popular tool. However, when it comes to creating visuals, this is the number one tool for presentationsIt lacks many important charting features. PowerPoint has very limited visualization capabilities, which is why most presentations are filled with screenshots of diagrams from other programs.

This is an especially frustrating problem in our data-driven world, where your data needs to tell a compelling story. Without it, it simply wouldn't workpowerful visualization toolsYour entire team can use it to collaborate and create compelling visuals.

The good news is that you can use plugins such asZebra BI for PowerPointCreate impressive sales presentations in PowerPoint. You can use ourfree pluginTurn your numbers into beautiful visualizations.

Here is an example of sales data showing absolute and relative variance, and comparisons to plans and forecasts.

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We also made it very easy to use. All you have to do is insert our image, select the chart type and fill in your information.


The plugin provides some of thesevery good functionThis makes it easy to create engaging visual stories from your data. These are some of them.

Automatic variance calculation

Regardless of the business environment, you always need to show differences to give context to your numbers. The good news is that Zebra BI will do this for you so you don't have to. For example, if you enter actual numbers and previous year's numbers or forecasts, a visual representationit is calculated automaticallyOppaAbsolute Variance and Relative Varianceand display them.

This is a biased graphintegrated into the column.

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waterfall chart

Waterfall charts are a great way to show how each category affects the change between the initial state and the final state. Creating a neat and useful waterfall chart in plain PowerPoint can be difficult. Zebra BI makes it easy.

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This chart shows the contribution of sales of individual products to profit.

dynamic comments

Pictures tell a story, but sometimes you just need plain old words. that's the placedynamic commentsEnter. you can use themgrab the audience's attentionwhen necessary. They allow you to explain the story behind your data and provide useful insights.

small multiple

Small multiples are a great way to scale upinformation densityon a slide. Suppose you want to show the performance of a single product group over a year. The best way is to create a series of graphs scaled to the same maximum value to show their importance. A quick glance at the next slide is enough to see that the baby care category is the most important and growing significantly.

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Rich chart types

It's easy with Zebra BI for PowerPointSwitch between different chart types, depending on the story you want to tell.

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Fully Responsive Graphics

When designing sales presentations in PowerPoint, you need design flexibility. Zebra BI visuals are fully responsive, which means you can resize them without losing important information.

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6 Steps to Preparing an Effective Sales Presentation

Some might say that creating great presentations is an art. No wonder. A well-designed presentation requirescreativity,communication skills, me aloneknow your audience.However, it is also an acquired skill that can be acquired through practice, dedication and experience.

Here's a quick list of key steps to help bring out the best in your next presentation.

Think about your audience:That's the key. Think about who your presentation is for and what information they need to know. Do you present your proposal to top management, key account managers, the company as a whole, investors or creditors? Consider the following:

  • How familiar are you with this topic? Do you need the basics explained or can you jump right into the details?
  • Customize your presentation according to your needsinterestIneed.Think about what you want to take away from your speech.
  • rememberSensitivity of displayed data.Be clear about what information you can share.
  • Adjustmenttone of your speech.Be more formal when presenting to a group of executives. You can be more casual when presenting in front of your team.

Define your message and build your story: After defining your audience, think about what you want to say. Clearly define the purpose of the presentation and the message to the audience, focusing on the most important points or insights. It's important that your story answers their questions and concerns.

Here are some sample slides to support your storytelling in your sales presentations: year-over-year sales comparisons, plans and forecasts segmented by account, region, business type, Key Account Manager (KAM), etc.

Here is an example table comparing the program to last year:

How to Create a Convincing Sales Presentation Using PowerPoint - Zebra BI (10)

Waterfall chart showing how individual countries contribute to total sales.

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Or maybe you want to see total sales for the year based on plans and forecasts.

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You can tell a story with your data almost limitlessly.

Create an outline and make slides: The next step is to create an outline for your presentation. It should include the main points you want to cover, any supporting information or images you will use, and the order in which you present the information.

There are some typical areas you should cover in your audit. Start with an introduction and brief background information. Then there's the heart of the presentation, which you build on the story you developed in the previous step. Don't forget to think about the visuals and spend some time with Q&A.

Add visuals and provide meaningful business insights: It's a horrible cliché at this point, but a picture is indeed worth a thousand words. Pictures, diagrams, and diagrams help illustrate your point and make your presentation more engaging.

This is a great example of how powerful a good diagram can be. This is a simple chart showing only the actual results for each country.

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Here's what happens when you use itZebra BI for PowerPointAdd previous year and planned dates to your charts.

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This chart providesuseful contextand automatically generated deviations. Like the chart above, it would require a slide, but it makes the data more useful by showing that Austria and Poland are the exceptions.

proofreading and editing: Before your presentation, check your presentation for spelling and grammar errors, and make changes if necessary. It may help if you read it aloud or start at the end. Both of these methods require you to be more careful with your words.

practice your speech: practice your speechseveral timesbefore you deliver. Closelytime, allowing you to stay for a given amount of time. You can also record yourself for later viewing. Don't forget about body language and rhythm, also try to shape the materialZodenbarBased on real examples and anecdotes.

Remember, great presentations take practice.

everything at once

When creating a sales pitch, always remember that the story you tell matters. You know your material, and choosing the best tool to tell your story is up to you. In this guide, we recommend that you usePower outletIZebra BI for the OfficeBecause they offer a great combination of design and data visualization capabilities that are sure to help you understand your point.

Are you ready to optimize your sales presentation?

Try Zebra BI for Office for free. Don't miss your chance to create beautiful sales presentations and get results for free!

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