How 14 Fast Food Chains Are Increasing Their Chicken Offerings (2023)

Fried chicken is a favorite of millions of Americans -- but many of the options offered by America's largest fast-food chains also include other unexpected ingredients.

These restaurants often add additives, preservatives, and even other proteins to their food to minimize costs and extend the shelf life of their products. Others might use buzzwords like "premium" or "all white meat" to describe it. Their poultry based products.

But surprising ingredients — like beef, seaweed, and even wood pulp — can also be found in recipes for some chicken dishes at larger restaurants.

Some poultry products can also contain potentially dangerous allergens, such as soy.

Exclusive study as Frdaily mailshow someDelicious dishes made up of up to 120 ingredients, it pays to pay attention to what goes in your chicken burger or nuggets.

Pictured is a box of McDonald's Chicken McNuggets. Popular snack contains yeast, dextrose and lemon juice


McDonald's perennially popular Chicken McNuggets have been the subject of controversy in the past -- at aIn 2010, a now-debunked "Pink Slime" video surfaced.It is said that it went to the factory for gold nuggets.

The brand has worked hard to dispel this myth, but the treats still aren't made from 100 percent chicken.

thisnuggetsWhile they contain boneless white chicken, they are also enriched with different flours, flavorings, spices, acids, yeast extract, dextrose, and lemon juice solids.

Grilled Chicken Sandwich from Wendy's. The chain's classic chicken sandwich is just 56 percent chicken — with added soy oil, chicken powder and smoked seasoning, among other things.


Inside Wendy's BurgersClassic Chicken Sandwich, only 56% of the meat is chicken breast.

Another 44% is a mixture of water, wheat flour, starch, acids, spices and seasoning powders. It also contains fully refined soybean oil, a leavening agent, and more unusual ingredients like dry chicken powder and smoky flavor.

Scones, pastries and mayonnaise contain more than five allergens. So if you have allergies, it pays to check recipes before preparing them.

Carl's Jr's famous star-shaped chicken nuggets - which include beef fat. Carl's Chicken Sandwich on Woodpulp Bread

little kars

Carl's Jr nuggets stand out from others on the market with their unique star shape.

They also contained some more unusual ingredients -- namely "chicken flavor," according to the statement.Dnevnyobrock.

The outlet reported that the nuggets contained beef seasoning that contained three different types of protein (from hydrolyzed soy, wheat and corn protein) and beef fat.

As for the gourmet chicken sandwich, it claims its patty contains "isolated oat products" and the bread contains microcrystalline cellulose -- refined wood pulp.

Subway is one of the chains that uses carrageenan -- a compound derived from seaweed


The chain has faced criticism in the past for claiming that some of its chicken products are made from non-chicken ingredients.response to claimAnd says, "Oven roasted chicken and chicken strips are made with 100% white chicken."

However, these products certainly don't just consist of chicken. Roast chicken also contains spices, potato starch and carrageenan.

It's a compound that's safe to eat, but it's made from part of a variety of red algae. It is used to thicken food and has no nutritional value.

Jack in the Box chicken is made from oats and other ingredients with water and potato starch


Jack in the Box has a variety of poultry dishes on its menu, including chicken tenders and nuggets.

These products are oftenContains wheat and milkTherefore, people with allergies should check the ingredient list.

Popcorn Chicken contains "insulated oatmeal" made from ribbed chicken breast strips, water, and potato starch, among other ingredients.

Whataburger enriches its chicken products with soy protein. the chain is known for its burgers


According to The Daily Meal, a significant portion of the Southern chicken strip chain isn't made from pure chicken because as much as 12 percent of each piece of meat contains ingredients like water, sodium phosphate and soy protein isolate.

Soy protein isolate, derived from soybeans, is a common ingredient in processed foods that adds bulk.

The last ingredient is a common ingredient in processed foods, according to the outlet. Soy protein isolate, a protein derived from soybeans, is an inexpensive way to consume food in large quantities.

But those with potentially dangerous soy allergies should stay away from anything that contains soy protein.

Burger King chicken nuggets contain a variety of additives, including a substance called autolyzed yeast extract

Burger King

According to The Daily Meal, the Burger King chicken nuggets come in a variety of flavors besides chicken breast and ribs.

These include autolyzed yeast extract, a substance extracted from yeast, and other flavor enhancers, including disodium guanylate, a salt sometimes used with MSG, also known as E627.

They are also not suitable for people who cannot eat eggs, milk, wheat, gluten or celery.

The chicken Domino's uses in its products contains butter and thickeners


While pizza is better known than traditional chicken or nuggets, the fast-food giant's poultry offerings also include other ingredients.

There are dozens of roast chickens in his familyraw materialThese include denatured cornstarch, denatured food starches, and lipolytic butter.

Modified starches are often used as thickeners, stabilizers or emulsifiers to extend the shelf life of foods.

Dairy Queen's chicken tenders have hydrolyzed soy protein in the ingredients list

Frozen queen

Dairy Queen Chicken Strips contain a significant portion of ingredients other than pure meat. uncooked chicken piecesIncludeUp to 18% water solution, hydrolyzed soy protein, salt and sodium phosphate.

Sodium phosphate is used to improve the texture of the chicken and keep it fresh longer.

“Our chicken strips are made with 100 percent seasoned white chicken,” says a Dairy Queen representative. Each chicken strip is an individual fillet that’s marinated and breaded for maximum flavor. "While we make our ingredient list publicly available on, we avoid listing exact recipes or ingredient percentages for competitive reasons."

Arby's Chicken Tenders contain whey protein - better known as the substance used by bodybuilders to build muscle


Buttermilk chicken tenderloin contains a surprising ingredient that enhances its flavor: protein concentrate, reports The Daily Meal.

Athletes and bodybuilders commonly consume whey protein, which is often added to other foods to give them texture and flavor and help them last longer, the report said.

Midwestern chain Culver's chicken tenders contain sodium tripolyphosphate, which is said to help retain moisture during cooking


The chain's raw Mexican chicken is no different than many of its competitors because they contain water and starchraw material.

Notably, they contain sodium tripolyphosphate, which is said to help chicken products retain moisture when tenderized or nuggets.

White Castle Chicken Rings with cooked chicken powder and carrageenan

white lock

The form of chicken served at the chain may indicate that it's not 100 percent meat.

These rings contain an extensive listraw material, including the preservative carrageenan from seaweed and cooked chicken powder.

Del Taco chicken products contain ingredients like water, spices, yeast extract and citric acid

from Tacos

Even popular chain Del Taco doesn't have 100% chicken on its menu.

Crispy Chicken ingredients include boneless chicken breast with ribs, water, salt and sodium phosphate.

His Roast Chicken Has a Longer Shelf Lifedescribe- Contains up to 30% water, fragrance, yeast extract and citric acid solution. It also contains sodium tripolyphosphate.

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