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We use the original Fake IT & Identifier Faker script

Outputter is an evolution of the original Fake IT & Identifier Faker script. We took the basic building blocks of these two famous websites and improved them significantly. Other valid dates.

What are fake IT and ID scripts?

Today, more and more information is searched on the web. If you are a developer who needs to test data entry and workflow, or you just care about your privacy and don't want to share your personal information with all websites. A fake data generator is a great solution. Also, sometimes websites are very discriminatory about where you're from, so you can fake your location too. There are different generators:

  • pseudonym generator
  • Company Name Generator
  • fake credit card generator
  • fake phone number generator
  • pseudorandom name generator
  • Fake IBAN Generator (Fake-Bankkonto-Generator)
  • fake address generator

Generator of fake names and addresses

You need a lot of names and addresses to test a website, or you need a quick pseudonym to sign up for a game or newsletter. then apseudonym generatorsuits you. If you need a large number of names or addresses to test your application with, you should use ourAPI.This will make your testing easier. Outputter uses a modified version of Fake-It fakerscript.

With the pseudonym and address generator, you can create a complete but randomly generated avatar.

Many programs and websites require registration. Some suppliers go beyond name and email address and require a large number of entries. In order to keep your real person from being found in numerous databases, pseudonym address generator creates a complete but fictitious person for you.

Contrary to what the name might suggest, Pseudonym Generator doesn't just make up fake names. In fact, our web application creates a complete identity for each country. In addition to name, age, address, and email address, more exotic information will be suggested, such as a favorite color or blood type.

Company Name Generator

When starting a new business, there are always some basic tasks. What name, what logo and other such things. This is aCompany Name GeneratorReally useful. You can easily order logos and other brands there. Such generators are often combined with words to form fictional names.

fake credit card generator

Need to test payment provider solutions in your sandbox? Then this credit card generator is the right generator for you. Such a generator produces a number, an expiration date, and a random CVV2 number that can be checked for validity using a checksum (Mastercard, Visa, Amex, etc.). However, it is important to keep in mind that these are not valid credit card numbers, so these generated cards cannot be charged.

In most cases, names, addresses, email addresses and telephone numbers are also recorded. This way you can try to fill form fields with this data.
Sometimes you just care about your privacy and want something for free that collects your most sensitive data. Even if they assure you that they won't charge your card or misuse the data entered, you still won't feel comfortable. You can also experiment with such data here. However, please check that this is permitted in your jurisdiction and the jurisdiction of the website from which you are requesting this information. If you need to automate large amounts of data entry, you should get API access.

fake phone number

In this case, the fake phone number is one that appears to be legitimate in that region and country. Each country and region has different phone number characteristics. Sometimes it's a length, sometimes it's a prefix or suffix. Of course, you won't be able to reply to messages or call those numbers if they exist. So if you need to log in somewhere and get a verification code over the phone, this isn't it. It makes more sense to get a real virtual number here. But if you just need a randomly generated number because it's a meaningless required field, it works fine.

ID card/ID card number generator

Have you ever wondered what your ID number is made of and whether the rumors circulating are true? With our ID card generator you can create a real valid ID code.

Untrue ID Myths:

The last figure doesn't say how many Germans use the name. It's just a checksum to confirm the validity of the ID number.

The widely circulated claim that a name can be calculated from an ID card number is equally untrue. Once you've entered a valid ID number, you'll see what it really is.

It's also not true to say that you always have to carry your ID with you. In Germany there is a so-called "identification requirement", which means that you must be able to prove your identity, but not necessarily with an ID card.

ID numbers are not reliable age protection: Many people over the age of 18 try to verify the age of their members by entering their ID numbers. However, checking an ID number is not enough guarantee to prove age online. If you know how to decipher ID cards, you can easily create ID numbers of any age and place of residence!

random name generator

A random name is generated to help you create an account for testing or disposal. It's often more than a fuller identity to create a name. Though it helps you to test your website and application during testing period. For people who need more privacy and security, using disposable data instead of their own is a great relief. Today, not a single day goes by without a company experiencing a security breach, with data scattered around the world. Sometimes you need easy access without spreading your personal information all over the place. With this false information, you are safe.

Bank IBAN Generator

An IBAN is a combination of country, branch and account number. It also usually includes a checksum, depending on the bank. Want to test form fields for IBAN numbers? The generator creates an IBAN number that looks real, but like a credit card, you only see it at a glance. You cannot withdraw funds from any account, even though there may be an account with that number because it is not associated with the correct name. But checking or logging in in an odd place shouldn't be any hindrance.

What is an IBAN and what is a BIC?

IBAN and BIC are codes for bank transfers. Transfers in Germany and the SEPA region must now be made using an IBAN code. Since 2016, BIC is only required for transfers to banks outside the SEPA area (EU, other EEA countries, Switzerland, Isle of Man, Monaco, Jersey, Guernsey, San Marino).

How long is an IBAN valid for?

Depending on the country, this control number can contain up to 34 digits; in Germany it has 22 digits (for example, in Austria it has only 20 digits). This includes account numbers and classification codes. The acronym stands for International Bank Account Number.

What does BIC mean?

The Bank Identification Code (BIC) is an international bank code developed in 2008 in conjunction with the SEPA program (What is the State Environmental Protection Administration?). Another term is the SWIFT address, since the original request was atQuicklyPayment transaction created. SWIFT (Society for Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunication) is a Belgium-based organization that has been regulating international interbank transactions since 1973.

IBAN worth knowing

The IBAN standard is defined in ISO 13616-1:2007. IBAN is used for the process of exchanging data carriers - and therefore for all online transfers - as well as for payments using paper payment transaction forms. SEPA transfers must be associated with an IBAN, i.e. their fees cannot be higher than cross-border transfers. There are currently 34 countries participating in the SEPA system, including countries that do not use the euro as their national currency.

Things to know about BIC

This standard code can be used to identify banks anywhere in the world. The relevant standards are ISO 9362 and ISO 13616. As payment flows have changed over the past decade (since 2008), it is clear that SWIFT codes are still integral to certain international payments outside of the SEPA area, these are im. In the SEPA area, therefore for domestic payment transactions of SEPA participants (including Germany), the IBAN code is sufficient.

Why use a pseudonym generator?

Pseudonym generators have many use cases, such as:

  • System Testing - Test your website or database with real-looking data
  • Signing up on sites that ask for too much information
  • Come up with characters for fictional stories, D&D campaigns, aliases or aliases.

Outputter is the perfect service to use when you need to protect your real identity. Companies ask for too much information when registering on their website. Only provided when absolutely necessary to protect your identity.

How real are these identities?

We do our best to make the identity as unique and consistent as possible. Here is a short list of the steps we took:

  • We use the actual city and corresponding zip code for each city and state.
  • Where the area code and social security number correspond to the address
  • Heights and weights are real and calculated from a normal distribution of heights and BMIs for the selected gender
  • Naming is based on how often different names occur in the year of birth
  • We put a lot of effort into our work to ensure identities are authentic
  • We are constantly improving our services to provide the best

If you have suggestions to improve our pseudonym generator, please contact uscontact us.

Legal information:

1)We are not responsible for the actions of visitors to our website. Visitors are responsible for what they do with the data generated by our Services.

2)Artificial data generated by this site is permitted at your own risk.

This data is unlikely to harm a real person.

3)If data is generated for an existing person, we will contact that person and ensure that the dataset is not generated again. Companies/other websites also have the right to contact us to report problems if necessary.

4)All information provided by our Services can be found elsewhere on the web. There is no illegal content on this page.

5)Ultimately, it is up to the website visitor to evaluate whether any harm can be caused by the use of the generated data. The authors of these pages are not liable for damages caused by improper use of the data. Please take this into consideration.

6)This website uses cookies to provide optimal functionality.

Thank you very much for your understanding!

Bank Account/Credit Card:

Bank accounts or credit cards are generated according to raw algorithms, so if you have verified them on a site like Check-Iban.com, they are valid. However, the bank account/credit card details are not linked to actual people. This means the bank account/credit card is valid but not linked to real data! Therefore, the banks concerned will not suffer any financial loss.

CVV2/CVC Code:

Unable to generate CVV2/CVC code. This code is generated by the bank using a special program and assigned individually to each credit card by encryption. Therefore, it is impossible to generate this code. The CVV2/CVC codes on the home page of this website are randomly generated.

Pin Wo Dan:

Unable to generate account PIN or TAN and CVV2/CVC codes. Banks generate this information using passwords and little-known encryption.


How to use German fullyidentitydynamo?

  1. First choose to create a new identity for it.
  2. Then choose your country.
  3. Then click the Start button.
  4. Finally get your full identity.

What is the role of the identity generator?

  1. Supports 70 languages ​​including English, Spanish, Portuguese, French, Italian, German, Dutch, Swedish, Danish, Norwegian, Finnish, Polish, Russian, Japanese, Chinese and Arabic.
  2. Generate names, addresses, passport numbers, credit card numbers, and more for free.

Advantages of Using Fully Recognized Generators

  1. You'll get a unique, personalized identity that makes it easier for you to log in and use new services.
  2. You can protect the privacy and security of your personal information.
  3. You can use the same account for multiple services.
  4. It will be easier for you to register and use new services.
  5. You can use the same account for multiple services.
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