Best Internet Service Providers in Helena, MT (2023)

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Internet speeds are notoriously slow in Montana, but the capital has some fast options. Do you know where you can get gigabit internet in Helena? CNET can help.

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Spectrum - Helena's overall best ISP

  • Prices range from $50 to $90 per month
  • Speeds from 300 – 940 Mbit/s
  • unlimited data

or call to order:(877) 641-6538

T-Mobile Home Internet - The Best Fixed WiFi Service Among ISPs in Helena

  • Prices start at $50 per month
  • Speeds from 33 - 182 Mbit/s
  • unlimited data

or call to order:(877) 246-3848

Viasat - Best satellite coverage of any ISP in Helena

  • Prices range from $70 to $300 per month
  • Speeds from 12 - 150 Mbit/s
  • Availability across the country

or call to order:(844) 885-8449

Montana is known for its wide open spaces, big sky country and Wild West mentality. Fast internet? Not that much. It's probably a good thing that many of Montana's facilities are outdoors -- because staying indoors and streaming is harder here than in most places.

Despite Montana's speed challenges, the state capital, Helena, still offers you some internet options with a little oomph. you can choosesatellite,5G,cableIoptical internet.Recently, a telecommunications companyTDS has announced the expansion of its fiber optic coverage to Helena, expected to reach approximately 27,000 customers.

When searching for the right internet in Helena you should focus on how to get the speed you wantOklahomaData shows Montana for all U.S. states and Washington, DC. 49th in internet speed (behind Wyoming and Alaska). However, price and coverage are also important factors. Someinternet service providerüHelena covers 60% or more of the area.Your options include:spectrum,TMobileIViaSun.

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We compared speed, availability, and other important factors to determine some Helensbest internet provider.

Best Internet Service Providers in Helena, MT (2)


Overall, the best ISP in Helena

or call to order:(877) 641-6538

Product Details

price range$50-90 per monthspeed range300 - 940 Mbit/sconnectcableaccentUnlimited data, easy pricing, no contracts, modem included, free access to WiFi hotspots nationwide

availability: Data from Ookla identifies Spectrum as the fastest ISP in Montana. While the average download speed in Montana is only 103 megabits per second, Spectrum's average download speed in Montana is just over 210 Mbps. However, Helena's speed may vary. Spectrum is common in cities.

plans and prices: Helena's cheapest plan starts at $50 per month for download speeds of up to 300 Mbps. For $90 per month, users can enjoy speeds of up to 1 Gbps.

Fees and Service Details: No restrictions, contracts or equipment fees. Your modem is included, but WiFi is an additional $5 per month.

Read our Spectrum Home internet review.

or call to order:(877) 641-6538

Best Internet Service Providers in Helena, MT (3)

T-Mobile Home Internet

Best fixed wifi service among Helena internet service providers

or call to order:(877) 246-3848

Product Details

price range$50 per month ($30 for eligible T-Mobile Magenta Max subscribers)speed range33 - 182 Mbit/sconnectfixed wifiaccentUnlimited data, device included, no contracts, no additional fees

availability: If you're already a T-Mobile customer, using the company's 5G service might be the right move. T-Mobile has internet at homeCovers the whole of Central HelenaHead south through Montana City and Clancy. There is also some coverage in the north.

plans and prices: Internet fee of $50 per month with automatic payment. If you have a specific T-Mobile mobile plan, the price drops to $30 per month.

Fees and service details:There is a $35 activation fee, but there are no additional monthly fees beyond that, and no contracts are required.

Read our T-Mobile home internet review.

or call to order:(877) 246-3848

Best Internet Service Providers in Helena, MT (4)


Best satellite coverage among ISPs in Helena

or call to order:(844) 885-8449

Product Details

price range$70-300 per monthspeed range12 - 150 Mbit/sconnectsatelliteaccentAvailable nationwide with no fixed data limit

availability: Some rural users cannot connect to cable or fiber optic lines. Satellite internet can help bridge that gap, and Viasat is Helena's cheaper satellite option. Viasat covers Libby, Helena Valley Northwest, Dillon, Miles City and other surrounding areas.

plans and prices: Plans start at $70 per month after three months of introductory pricing, with speeds up to 50 Mbps.

Fees and Service Details: The equipment cost is in line with HughesNet, $15 per month. The contract period is 24 months.

Read our Viasat Internet report.

or call to order:(844) 885-8449

Helena's Internet Providers Overview

bidderInternet technologymonthly price rangespeed rangemonthly equipment feedartnobergrenzercontractCNET Rating
21Vianet DSL/optical$50-6560–940 Mbit/s$15; included with 1GB planNoNo6.7
Hughes Network satellite$65–15025 Mbit/s15 $15-200 GB24 fun5.7
Montana - Internet Fiber optic/wireless fixed line$65-898–25 Mbit/s$8 routerNoNonot applicable
spectrum cable$50-90300 Mbit/s or 1 Gbit/sFree modem; $5 routerNoNo7.2
Starlink satellite120 $20-100 Mbit/sOne-time payment of $599NoNonot applicable
T-Mobile Home Internet fixed wifi50 $33-182 Mbit/sNoNoNo7.4
ViaSun satellite$50-20025-50 Mbit/s15 $60-500 GB24 fun6.1

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All Available Helena Home Internet Providers

In addition to our top-tier service, Helena also offers other ISPs. If you want to compare and contrast more options, consider some of the following options in Helena.

  • 21Vianet:The company offers DSL/fiber connections in 67 percent of Helena. Monthly plans start at $50, and you can get pretty fast speeds by Helena standards — at least 100 Mbps in most locations and up to 940 Mbps in areas with fiber connections.
  • Hughes Network: HughesNet is a satellite service provider that might be a good option for people in rural areas who don't have access to fiber or cable. The company's plans start at $65 per month. It charges a $15 monthly device fee and requires a two-year contract.
  • Montana - Internet:Montana Internet provides wired and fiber optic Internet, serving rural users who require WiFi. Plans start at $65 per month, with a router fee of just $8 per month.
  • Starlink:Starlink is SpaceX's satellite internet product. It promises fast broadband, but you'll have to pay a hefty one-time device fee to access that coverage. Download speeds up to 100 Mbit/s. While you do get unlimited data, Starlink says business and mobile customer data take precedence over personal plans, so you may not get maximum speeds with standard customer service.
Best Internet Service Providers in Helena, MT (5)

Helena's internet statistics at a glance

Due to the rural nature of Montana, Helena's Internet Service Providers offer limited coverage outside of downtown. But the city is expanding its fiber availability, and the cable is available in more of the city's urban areas.

broadband availability

not applicablePeople can access any type of broadband internet

No service provider information available


The most convenient Internet technology


    Pricing Details for Helen Home Internet Services

    Most of Helena's internet plans range from $50 to $65 per month. However, if you need high-speed downloads, you may have to pay close to $100 per month.

    Cheap Internet Options in the Helena Area

    To get the most bang for your buck, it's worth checking your address for fiber coverage. If not available now, the TDS extension may soon bring fiber to your neighborhood in Helena. also,Affordable Affiliate ProgramInternet charges can be enabled to reduce monthly costs.

    What are the cheapest internet plans in Helena?

    bidderstarting pricemaximum download speedmonthly equipment feecontract
    T-Mobile Home Internet $50 ($30 with eligible cell phone plans)182 Mbit/sNoNo
    Spectrum Internet 50 $300 Mbit/sFree modem; $5 routerNo
    21Vianet 50 $100 Mbit/sNoNo
    Hughes Network 65 $25 Mbit/s15 $2 years
    Montana - Internet 65 $8 Mbit/sNoNo

    These are the internet speeds you can find in Helena

    Internet speeds in Montana are often not particularly fast, but Helena's is still good enough for browsing and working from home. Even some ISPs in Helena get fast speeds.

    download speed

    Helena – 120 Mbit/s

    MT – 93 Mbit/s

    SAD – 133 Mbit/s

    loading speed

    Helena – 15 Mbit/s

    MT – 30 Mbit/s

    SAD – 46 Mbit/s

    *Data from M-LAB speed tests conducted by real Helena users.

    Fastest Internet Service Provider in Helena

    Spectrum offers internet plans up to 940 Mbps, while other providers in the area have much slower top-up speeds. However, you'll find that Helena is fast enough for most online tasks. If you're a gamer, Spectrum's premium plan -- along with CenturyLink's fastest fiber option -- might be the only option for you.

    What is the fastest internet price in Helena?

    biddermaximum download speedMaximum loading speedstarting pricedartnobergrenzercontract
    CenturyLink Fiber Internet 940 Mbit/s880 Mbit/s65 $NoNo
    Spectrum Internet Gig 940 Mbit/s35 Mbit/s90 $NoNo

    What was the last word on Helena's Internet Service Provider?

    In terms of speed, the best ISPs in Helena are Spectrum and CenturyLink, while satellite providers may offer more consistent coverage for rural users. Stay tuned for the upcoming fiber rollout in Helena as it will surely allow residents to download faster than most current rates.

    Frequently Asked Questions about Internet Service Providers in Helena

    Does Helena Offer Fiber Internet?

    That. CenturyLink and Montana Internet currently have fiber. TDS, a major telecommunications company, has announced it will expand to Helena in 2023, which will bring fiber optic internet to more than 27,000 new customers.

    Who is the cheapest internet service provider in Helena?

    T-Mobile Home Internet, Spectrum, and CenturyLink offer Internet plans in Helena starting at $50 per month.

    Which ISP in Helena offers the fastest speeds?

    Spectrum has an internet plan in Helena that offers speeds of up to 940 Mbps at all Spectrum locations. CenturyLink has a similar schedule of fiber optic concerts, but it's not widespread in the area, only at specific addresses in Helena.

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