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In the world of business consulting, presentations are the lifeblood of communication. They are the tools that transform complex information into understandable insights that drive important decision-making processes. The ability to create great consulting presentations is a skill that sets top consultants apart. This guide gives you insight into the art of creating engaging, high-impact PowerPoint slides that resonate with your audience like this oneIt is used by leading consulting firmsFor exampleMcKinsey,Bain,BCG, IBig Four (KPMG, Deloitte, PwC and EY).

we will go deepSlide Structure, Design and Formatting.If implemented effectively, these elements can provide clear insights in a standardized and consistent manner. Also, we tell you some tips that can help you achieve this goalprofessionallook. from masteringcreate headlinesDoChoose the right chart, carry out targeteddyeingmakeconcise textEvery step you take, you're getting closer to an unforgettable consulting presentation.

Buckle up, because we're about to hone your PowerPoint skills and transform your business data presentations. After taking this course, you'll have the knowledge to create slideshows like a professional consultant and be ready to impress any audience with your engaging consulting presentations.

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Master the Art of Titles

A catchy headline can make or break your consulting pitch. It's the first thing your audience reads, and it sets the tone for the rest of the slideshow. In the consulting world, a title is more than an introduction to a slide; it isA meaningful summary that captures the key points you want to convey.

When writing headlines, clarity and conciseness are important. Instead of using single words or phrases that represent only the main topic, write a full sentence that summarizes the main points of the slide. This tactic is often used by leading consulting firms to help them communicate their point of view effectively.

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For example, instead of giving your slide a title"Sales Development,"Consider using a more descriptive title such as ""Revenue in the first quarter exceeded target due to increased market share."This allows your audience to immediately understand the content and gist of the slideshow. It sets the stage for the rest of the slides and gives the audience a better understanding of relevant details in the presentation.

By mastering the art of headings, you can transform your PowerPoint slides from simple visual aids to powerful communication tools that clearly convey the essence of your consulting presentations. The rest of the slideshow—whether it's a diagram, diagram, or bullet point—should provide supporting detail to back up that bullet point and ensure a coherent and effective presentation.

Choose the right chart

Once you've written a compelling headline, the next critical step in creating an effective consulting presentation is choosing the right charts to represent your data. The right type of diagram can visually emphasize your main points and make it easier for your audience to understand the key information you want to convey.

In consulting presentations, diagrams are not just decorative elements. They act as visual narrators of the data story. To illustrate this, let's consider a scenario where you are explaining sales performance. In addition to simple bar charts, you can opt for waterfall charts, a powerful visualization tool that clearly shows the factors driving yearly (PY) and planned (PL) sales results.

For example aSlap chartThey can effectively account for factors such as poor performance due to contract delays, lost customers, or stock shortages. The most important finding in this case is not the total flow, but the explanation for the deviation from plan. This approach focuses on revenue drivers,It allows your audience to quickly understand the reasons behind the numbers.

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Fortunately, choosing the right chart type is easier with these toolsZebra BI Chart Selector.This tool helps you choose the most appropriate chart type for your data, ensuring that your main ideas are clearly communicated. By choosing the right diagrams, you not only increase the visual appeal of your consulting presentation; they also make it more insightful and impressive.

For targeted and consistent staining

Using color in your consulting presentation plays a key role in communicating your message effectively. By using color strategically, you can gain insights faster and easier, saving your audience time and effort. The key here is to stay focused and consistent.

Imagine a slide containing sales performance data. Smart use of color can highlight both positive and negative impacts on sales. For example, green might indicate positive growth or favorable conditions, while red might indicate decline or an area that needs attention. This simple color-coding system removes unnecessary confusion and gets the point across to the viewer right away.

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Also, using different shading or shading for previous year (PY), planned (PL) and actual (AC) can further enhance your presentation. For example, you could use light gray for PY, white for PL, and dark gray for AC. Such a color scheme helps differentiate the three categories and makes the data easier to understand for the viewer.

While using color can be beneficial, be careful not to overdo it. Increasing the number of colors on a slide can overwhelm the audience and reduce the effectiveness of the presentation. Stick to a consistent color palette that matches your message and brand identity.

With targeted and consistent coloring, you can not only make your slides more visually appealing, but also enhance their communicative power and make your consulting presentations more effective and memorable.

Create concise and effective text

While visuals and color play a key role in your consulting presentation, text is just as important. It provides context to your images, clarifies your point and further supports the core message of the slideshow. However, the effectiveness of a text depends largely on its design.

in professional counseling lecturesText must be concise.Long and detailed explanations can overwhelm your audience and reduce the impact of your core message. Instead, strive for simplicity and clarity. Use bullet points to break down complex ideas and make them easier to digest. Remember, your slideshow is not a document; it's a visual aid.Text should support visual elements, not obscure them.

Another technique to consider is the strategic use ofVijčani Spoj.By highlighting important parts of your text in bold, you can draw the viewer's attention to important points. This is especially useful when presenting complex data or insights. However, be careful when using bold. Overuse will lose its effectiveness and make your slideshow look cluttered.

By mastering the art of writing concise and effective text, you can complement your visuals, emphasize your core message, and make your consulting presentation more engaging and impactful. result? Presentations not only look professional, but communicate effectively and convincingly.

Expert Tips for Efficient Foil Production

Now that you've learned the basics of creating a title, choosing a chart, using color, and styling text, it's time for some pro tips that can take your consulting presentation to the next level. These are techniques used by top consultancies to effectively achieve a sleek, professional look.

One such trick is to useAlignment functionin PowerPoint.

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Aligning slide objects to each other provides a clean, organized look. To achieve a perfect alignment, select all objects on the slide (ctrl + click), then select the "Align" function on the "Home" tab of the PowerPoint presentation. Here you can align objects to the left, right, top, center or bottom. If you have items listed vertically and are having difficulty distributing them evenly, the Distribute Vertically and Distribute Horizontally features might be your solution.

Another pro tip is to use theNetwork cable and auxiliary cable.These features help you align objects on a slide and ensure they are placed correctly and evenly spaced. You can access grids and guides from the View tab in PowerPoint. You can also right-click an area of ​​the slide to add additional vertical or horizontal guides.

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These tips may seem trivial, but they have a major impact on the overall look of your consulting presentation. They add a professional look, enhance the viewer's viewing experience, and make your bullet points more attractive. Remember, it’s the little things that make the difference, and paying attention to those details can make all the difference in your consulting presentation.

Prepare slides with Zebra BI

Now that you've learned the art and science of creating compelling consulting presentations, it's time to bring it all together with one handy tool. As the leading data visualization tool in PowerPoint, Zebra BI can greatly simplify the process of creating professional-looking slides.

Recommended reading:Prepare slides with Zebra BI

Zebra BI excels at turning complex data into easy-to-understand visuals. It offers a range of charting options so you can choose the most effective way to present your data. For example, you might want to create a waterfall chart to show how sales performance deviates from plan. Zebra BI can help you create waterfall diagrams that not only look good but convey information effectively.

The tool also provides functionality that supports the principles discussed earlier. he allowsuniform coloring, according to yourBrand Promotionor the message you want to convey. It also supports clean text placement to make your key points stand out.

In short, Zebra BI combines the elements of effective slide design into one easy-to-use interface. It's a powerful tool that can enhance your consulting presentations and turn your insights into compelling stories that resonate with your audience. Mastering Zebra BI will not only improve your PowerPoint skills; you'll also position yourself as a highly competent consultant capable of delivering impressive presentations to drive decision-making.


The ability to craft compelling consulting presentations is a critical skill in today's data-driven business environment. By leveraging the power of PowerPoint and incorporating best practices from leading consulting firms, you can deliver presentations that are not only visually appealing, but also insightful and effective in terms of decision making.

master the artcreate headlines, a choiceAppropriate chart type, usecolorStrategic, concise and effectivetext, and applyProfessional Design SkillsThese are all important steps in creating an effective consulting presentation. Using a powerful tool like Zebra BI can further simplify this process, enabling you to transform complex data into easy-to-understand visuals.

Remember that the purpose of a consulting presentation is not only to inform but also to persuade.

By improving your PowerPoint skills and taking a consultative approach to presentation design, you can deliver powerful messages that resonate with your audience and inspire meaningful action. Armed with these skills, you'll be able to take your consulting presentations to the next level.

A deep dive into the future of PowerPoint presentations

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