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Picture this: you met a cute girl at a club on Saturday night, after exchanging a few messages on Sunday, you set up a date...in two weeks (due to work conference/writing deadline/social life got her excited ). . That's great, but if two weeks have passed, you might not feel ready to date. She will freak out.

Because? Remember when you promised to go to a friend's birthday party well in advance? When you agreed to do this, were you absolutely certain that you would do it? Then the day comes, you haven't spoken to your boyfriend in ages, you have a busy week at work, you feel broke and you FLAKE.

Exactly the same things can go through a girl's mind before she meets you. If you got her number quickly, if she wasn't sure at first, if it will be a long time before you can see each other in person again, keep in touch. Use text messaging to build that investment of yours and make sure she cares about you more than ever when your date rolls around.

You don't want to overwhelm a girl by texting her every day, but you also don't want to leave her alone for weeks without hearing from you. That's why you need some solid things to text him.

Try to have a quick text exchange, maybe every 3 days, between the time you set the date and the time you finally get a call.

Keep this exchange very short - you don't want to spoil the secret, you just want to keep her interested enough that she doesn't run away from your date.

thumb text rules

These texts should add value: they should make them smile, be talkative, and be easy to respond to.

The shorter and more direct they are, the greater the risk. . . texting the right girl who likes you will make her text something funny; a girl who doesn't bite so hard will ignore it.

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Use Games, MMS and Curiosity to request an answer.

Don't invest too much: Keep your conversations short, try to finish the text conversation first, and don't push further once she's given you low-investment answers. Instead of trying to get him to keep talking, give him space to miss you.

No Answer?

These texts should generally be a low investment, which means it shouldn't matter much if you send one with no response. A pair being followed with no response can mean trouble. Give him a few days to respond, and if you don't hear anything, pick up the phone and try to get his interest the old-fashioned way: talking.

So here are 25 things to write right away:

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  1. So . . . .A high-risk warning if you want her to take the lead.
  2. It's time to get to know him better - let's play five questions. Just keep yours clean 😉Use a little reverse psychology to get him to flirt with you.
  3. Knock Knock… Ivan Ivan to stop texting and see you in person. . .Use a classic cheesy joke to get him to answer.
  4. So I had a day of heartbreak, near-death experiences, and ice cream. . . can you get over itSuggest that their life is great and challenge them to match it.
  5. I'm sure you told me something you're doing today that was important to you. Of course I completely forgot what it is, but did I remember to ask?You can make this up and look like a jerk, but if your relationship is fun, it might still work!
  1. won't you scold meAwaken your curiosity for answers.
  2. Monday mornings suck, right?Talk about a feeling that everyone shares to include them.
  3. My last three Googles: 'dirty knock knock jokes', 'corrupt companies', 'translate 'PIXIE' into Cornish'. You?A fun exercise to play with a girl and point out a bit what kind of guy you are.
  4. I just stocked up on GINGER BEER, PREZELS AND GUM GUM which means I'm working hard. What are your 3 desert island items?Use classic scenario questions to get a thoughtful answer.
  5. It's gonna be a long day (it's hard being so important 😉 . . . Will you make me jealous by doing something funnier?Encourage her to brag to you and then joke about what she says.
  6. Shouldn't it be NATIONAL CAKE DAY? Are you partying yet? XEvery week there is some kind of national holiday, abuse this fact.
  1. I'm bored, let's play. I spot something that starts with B with my little eye. .Convert old games through text.
  2. I'm initiating a texting tag game: put my foot in?Create a fun environment by recreating school games.
  3. Damn, did you see today's news? It won't impress me if you're not a current type girl 😉Use something topical to start a conversation.
  4. Imagine eating HOT CHOCOLATE after a RAINY DAY and looking at WOMAN'S BAG. The question is: are you also clairvoyant?Be arrogant in assuming what she is doing and be prepared to be corrected!
  5. Is it wrong that I hate HAPPY NEW YEAR messages?Use the season to send a quirky seasonal message.
  6. I have decided that we need to quit our jobs and go on vacation to THAILAND. . . .Talk about future adventures to activate their imaginations.
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  1. I had a very late night last night. He drank an absurd amount. Never again until you can pay for 24 hour care the next day. . .Speak charismatically about your life and see if it compares to yours.
  2. Sunlight! You better pack up, have a picnic and celebrate.Use the environment to suggest what you should do.
  3. hmm . . *insert YouTube video or image*Send a link, wait for your opinion on it, then don't agree!
  4. Have you ever read "Gone with the Wind"? . . there's something of SCARLET O'HARA in you.Compare her to books and movies to compliment her.
  5. Where am I? *Insert picture* Strictly speaking, only three guesses!Use multimedia messages to play.
  6. garbage day! You get bonus points if you can make me smile.Challenge them to impress you.
  7. How many stars would you give today? If it's below 4, we'll fix it.Make her smile on a boring day.

25. Weekend Score Sheet: Complete. Number of drunken adventures. . . Friends who made you laugh. . . hours of rest. . .

Use a text template and ask him to fill in the blanks.

So there you have it, 25 Things You Can Text Him Right Away To Get Him Thinking Of You! If you're looking for more texting tips, I can't recommend it enough for you to check out.como2txtherby Christian Hudson is an incredibly good program that will teach you everything you need to know to up your texting game. From what I've seen, it's by far the best text messaging program out there, and as a bonus, it comes with hundreds of sample texts.

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Want to take your text game to the next level?

Check out our honest How2TXTHer review by Race De Priest now

in it you will findthe exact text messages, and the system he created that sent thousands of text messages to hundreds of girls over the course of nine years.NorteIt does not matterTheYou're in trouble right now, he probably has the answer.

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  1. jay! Thanks for these lyrics man they are pure gold!! I've learned a lot from you lately about text games, keep it up.

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