13 Tips for Tinder Success (15 Screenshots Show Exactly What To Do) (2023)

Are you on Tinder but want more matches, smoother conversations, and epic dates?

I'm a full time Tinder trainer and I'll give you the best tips to get that juicytinder hit.

Get prepared!

What do you get:

  • how to make themask Ofno tinder
  • 5 starters and collection linesYou can copy and paste
  • How to get a speed dating date
  • A little insight into my own Tinder profile(+ very stealable bio lines)
  • 15 screenshotsHere's how to get perfect examples of Tinder's successes and failures.
  • A simple rule of thumb for sending funny text messages
  • 2 Tinder Profile Breakdownso you can avoid your mistakes
  • Much more…

Important:I know sometimes you are not sure what to write. so i joined10 texts that always work. Copy the lines you pasteput them right awayand let them demand your attention. They work and they are free. Just a little gift to start. Leverage!Click here to get them.

#1: Learn from this shitty restaurant

Imagine that you are very hungry.

Your stomach is growling and your head feels light. But you don't want mediocre fast food. You want the real deal. A 10/10 quality meal prepared by a starred chef.

You are looking for a restaurant that looks classy.

You pass by an old building that appears to be some kind of restaurant. But it looks very shabby from the outside. There's an unappealing neon sign, the windows are stained, and the whole facade generally looks run down.

And here's the thing:

The food inside is just perfect. world class. It would get 5 stars on Yelp. If someone were to come in and try what's on the menu...

And with some work on the building, people would come in and try the food. But right now, no one has the slightest idea of ​​the sweetness that awaits them inside.

You can probably see me coming.

In fact, I'm going to compare this restaurant to your Tinder profile.


... I say that you are uglyThen UV a beech?

No opportunity.

But it could be your first Tinder photo.

If no matches appear, your first photo is of the bad guy. That is the culprit we blame here.

It's the front of the restaurant that puts people off.

Think about the purpose of a clean restaurant sign on a classy looking wall. What is your function? Is it convincing people to eat dessert?


His main goal is to get people a little closer. Maybe check the menu.

And that's exactly what your first photo should do. Convince them:

  • You immediately decide to go in and try the food (at best)
  • Take a look at the menu (good enough!)

If she decides to click on your profile and see your other photos or read your bio...

...so you've taken the first step to Tinder success.

Your other photos and bio should guarantee victory.

They may not be doing a good job right now. But soon they will. Keep reading.

Now let's see why you shouldn't listen to most of the self-proclaimed gurus out there.

Vlog of this article

If you'd rather watch a video, I'm here to help.

It includes some of the tips from this article.

This is what you get:

  • What number of frames works?preferablyno tinder
  • You can learn your Tinder lesson in a smelly restaurant
  • Why You Shouldn't Listen To Other Dating Coaches
  • The #1 Mistake People Make When Stealing Tinder Bios
  • Recordings of my current cleaning strategy
  • I play the ukulele just for you (a real dropper)
  • And other highlights...

Read the exclusive bonus tips in this article.

#2: Don't listen to most Tinder trainers

Dating-Coaches, Life-Coaches, Erfolgs-Coaches, Business-Coaches, Spirituelle Coaches, Erektions-Coaches, Insert-Random-Pseudoscience-Coaches...

They sprout left and right like never before.

Some of them are legitimate. Some of them are um... questionable.

Anyway, I looked at some people showing off Tinder, online dating, and texting… and I have to say:

Do yourself a favor and ignore what most people say.

Advice like "buy a nice car" makes me wonder how some of them are capable of running a business.

Now, I'm not going to turn this into a full-blown rant. Instead, I'm going to talk about a tip I see all the time. Something that sounds like:

"Upload as many photos as you can."

Dear darling, please don't.

His justification is as follows:

“You have 9 image slots on Tinder, so why not use them all? The more value you can convey, the better!”

Then, following the same logic, one can say:

"Hey, you have 10 fingers, so you should wear 10 rings!"

How many women do you see walking around with rings on each finger?


Less is more.

Look, if you can't win her over in 4 photos, you probably won't win her over in 9. Chances are something in your 9 pictures is putting them off.

That meansoversold.

13 Tips for Tinder Success (15 Screenshots Show Exactly What To Do) (1)

Do you think a super popular guy in real life spends hours building his Tinder profile?

Will he carefully review all your photos and choose 9 to prove himself?

Fuck brother.

You can tell a compelling story about yourself in 4-5 photos.

When the maximum number of photos on Tinder was 6, I asked a girl what she thought of all this.

She is an international model and psychologist at the same time. He often brainstorms with her because he usually brings good things to the table.

This is what she said:

13 Tips for Tinder Success (15 Screenshots Show Exactly What To Do) (2)

Now, I'm not the type to take random dating advice (from women) very seriously. They often have a worse understanding of their dating preferences than they think.

But this girl nails it.

And if you're still not convinced, imagine this:

You swipe Tinder when you come across a gorgeous first photo showing her face. Sweet.

The second photo shows her face plus a bit of cleavage. You like it so far.

In the third photo, she is walking on the beach in a bikini and her body is just the way you like it.

die 4ºThe photo shows her doing a hobby. She still looks good, so she's fine.

your fifthºThe image shows her body and face again. But from a different angle. And this time it looks like...

…completely different. And not in a good way.

It makes you think:

"The first 4 photos were her lucky breaks, but does she really look like number 5?"

If it only carried the first four, you would have happily swiped them to the right. But now you can tooexilefrom your inbox.

13 Tips for Tinder Success (15 Screenshots Show Exactly What To Do) (3)

That silly old quote also applies to your success on Tinder.

Translated into advice, it would sound like this:

#3: A profile is only as attractive as its ugliest image

How to be more attractive on Tinder with a deleted…

Most guys sabotage the number of matches they get and don't even realize it.

You make the mistake of trying.

You'll end up looking like a pathetic kid.

A stinking attempt.

A Tryhard is someone who tries very hard to be loved. And women don't just find him unattractive. It makes them sick.

And if you've seen or attended my Over The Top Game workshop, you already know that there are better ways to show that you're a true success.Fuck this.

Without looking like a desperate or flashy attempt to use all 9 image slots.

I'm going to show a screenshot here. At the time of this screenshot, I have only used 4 photos. They are enough, but definitely not too much. In my bio I added a prayer to awaken your imagination.

And in my bio she saw this:

13 Tips for Tinder Success (15 Screenshots Show Exactly What To Do) (4)

My Instagram account.

162 images to snoop around like a detective on amphetamines.

"Um, but Louis... did you just say 9 photos is tedious and now you're showing 162?"

Good point.

With a big difference.

The guy who posts 9 photos directly on his profile,carefully selectedthose specific photos and then upload themone after the other.

This requires at least a little effort.

connect yourgramafor your Tinder profile it takes about 6.9 seconds.

This tells you one of two things:

(Video) 13 Tinder Profile Tips For Guys (Double Your Matches in 2023)

  • Here is my Instagram, check it yourself
  • I just collect followers. sue me

good andsilent. Just how I like it.

Plus, she's already spending more time on you snooping through her 162 photos. She's probably already excited looking at her ex-girlfriends and that cappuccino you drank in 2015.

Don't have an Instagram account?

lol you are in middle age

Just kidding, relax.

You can be successful on Tinder without IG. Just choose about 5 good photos. Pair them with an awesome bio and you'll be good to go.

Then create an Instagram account and start creating. It takes about 10 minutes a day to get a good photo to post.

You'll thank me later.

Holy advice:

Connecting your Instagram is actually one of 35+ questions on ourTinder Profile Checklist.

The checklist shows all the paths to a 10/10 profile.

To use the checklist, simply download it for free. It's easy and fun, and you'll know how to look more attractive on Tinder.

We are very proud of this.Escuchar.


Let's continue with a difficult question...

#4: Does size really matter?

*I put on my best Morpheus voice*

What if I told you... that you can afford to automatically find suitable women that you connect with best?


No more dating where you're stuck with your polar opposite, like you're dating your enemy and wondering how we got together.

The secret to this luxury is that it is readily available.

And I'll tell you how, dear disciple of TextGod.

But first, let's bust a myth.

One that looks like this:

13 Tips for Tinder Success (15 Screenshots Show Exactly What To Do) (5)

I'm sure you've heard this before.

Usually it is: "It is the movementVonthe ocean." Foolyour-personas-cards.

Anyway, it is a quote used by two groups of people:

  • Girls comfort a man with a littlelittle
  • boys with a littlelittleto make sure your siblings and potential contacts have itfuckmaxXx ability disabled.

If the size of your shlong really matters, I won't talk about it.

(at least not now)

I'll play dumb and pretend this date is the size of yoursTinder Biography.

Because that Tinder bio is actually a crucial part of your Tinder success rate.

There seems to be a lot of debate about the Tinder bio.

Some men argue that a longer bio is actually better:

13 Tips for Tinder Success (15 Screenshots Show Exactly What To Do) (6)

"Oh dear Louis, please give me your rough opinion on these boat deals, I can't wait!"

Your wish is my command, brother.

#5: How His “Big Ship” Turns Women Off

This is what I think:

The great boatmen areincorrectmainly.

A longer Tinder bio tends to be less effective. This is why:

  • more margin of error
  • Seems daunting at first (people tend to shy away from long reads)
  • Often makes men accumulate techniques

Does it often lead men to accumulate techniques? That?

Ok, let's illustrate this with an example!

13 Tips for Tinder Success (15 Screenshots Show Exactly What To Do) (7)

This TextGod disciple is a smart guy.

He also had a pretty decent profile to begin with.

If you're curious to see her photos, they're included in this sweet video.

The biggest problem with your Tinder bio is that…

…your ship is too big.

It has 6 different parts. And at 6 he tries to convince the girl of her worth.

And I understand that you foundtextgod.comand you tasted my things


But let me give you a memey reminder by copy-pasting this again:

13 Tips for Tinder Success (15 Screenshots Show Exactly What To Do) (8)

There you go.

His biography is a classic example of "often leads men to accumulate techniques"-Aim.

It's a chaotic mess of several little Tinder biographies put together.

I expected their powers to add up and combine into an unstoppable force.

Unfortunately, your powers tend to cancel out, leaving you with... looking like an attempt.

So no... a big boat is no way to swim.

Unless you create a cohesive and intelligent copyright-backed bio 10/10.

But that is a story for another time.

(By the way, if younot getting matches on tinderI recommend the article I wrote about it.)

#6: How to work with a "little boat"

So what kind of bio attracts the most girls?

Do short or long bios make Tinder a success?

Let's look at the first quote again:

"It's not the size of the ship, it's the movement of the ocean."

This seems closer to the truth.

This means that your profile text doesn't have to be long to be successful on Tinder. It's more about what you say.

I agree

I have personally rowed a few small boats.

Phew, you'd think they'd cut them down right away.

But they did wonders.

This is why I like small boats:

  • not scary to look
  • They will be read in a fraction of a second.
  • you look greatsilent.

God what a beautiful wordsilentY.

jaded. Dont worry. Carefree.

Also, if you go for the little boat, you'll immediately dismiss a boring bio like this:

13 Tips for Tinder Success (15 Screenshots Show Exactly What To Do) (9)

In fact, in some countries they have replaced melatonin pills with a collection of biographies, like Sophie's.

Another student of mine has a two line biography that made me laugh when I first saw it.

His biography goes like this:

13 Tips for Tinder Success (15 Screenshots Show Exactly What To Do) (10)

First of all, you already know my emoji laws, right?

(If not, read other articles13 Tips for Tinder Success (15 Screenshots Show Exactly What To Do) (11))

He also says that he is an experience seeker.

Which I think is a fancy way of saying "hipster."

Anyway, I really like "no ass on the first date".

Perhaps because, according to Freud, I am stuck in the anal phase.

or maybe becauseButt jokes are always funny.

Holy advice:

This guy is going to miss some women who aren't amused by the misspelling of "butt." Check your spelling and grammar, folks. You are one of the most intelligent species to roam this earth.

I also like your first sentence:

“Some say that the first photo was edited with Photoshop. It's NOT true, I live in a fairy tale jungle."

Which makes a lot more sense when you see his first photo.

13 Tips for Tinder Success (15 Screenshots Show Exactly What To Do) (12)

I noticed your bio says the FIRST picture, but it's the SECOND picture on your profile. She changed the photos of her and forgot to set her bio there. Careless of the part of her.

My lesson to you is this:

(Video) The 4 Photos Every Guy Needs On Their Tinder Profile

Imagine if he deleted all of his bio except the first line.

Or just have the "no ass" line.

Wouldn't that be a nice little boat?

pleasant and indifferent.

No unnecessary fuss.

I had a bio like that, and I'll show it to you in a moment, with a very helpful line.

Holy advice:

Many men don't know...

But his profile sucks.

Fortunately I created theTinder Profile Checklist, with over 35 questions on how to be more successful with dating apps.

Fill in the blanks and get a score for your profile.

Is it gross? It's great. You can only know by checking.

I thought about including it in a class, but I give it to you for free.Here.

Now let's move on to some organic tips…

#7: The Perfect Bio for Tinder Success

Seems like an easy choice now, doesn't it?

Before passing final judgment, let's look at this third quote:

13 Tips for Tinder Success (15 Screenshots Show Exactly What To Do) (13)

This quote says that it doesn't matter how long your bio is or what exactly it says. As long as she gets away with it. AKA, as long as the bio does its job and swipe right.

It is very difficult to disagree with such a statement.

And with that said, let's draw a conclusion:

For now, stick with what we learned from the last two tips.

After trying out a few ships, feel free to customize and modify them. Make them yours.

If you got the best results from your recent photos on a really big boat, sail that boat.

Just be careful not to paint your entire boat with gold. And don't hang the flags of every country you've ever sailed to. You'll quickly outdo yourself as Mr. Tryhardingson.

After winning a few sailing competitions and testing the wild waters of the ocean...

...feel free to break as many rules as you want.

But first try to master these rules.

#8: Promise a photo of Johnny Depp's genitalia

this advice isloco. This is possibly the best advice in the article.

Because in this tip I give youSAME copy and pastesentence that goesKick start NOYour Tinder conversations.

Guaranteed success on Tinderwith thatSAMELine.

I'm talking about my clickbait opener.

It's the opener with the highest success rate of all the copy-paste collection lines I've tried.

And as the name suggests, it's very clickbaitey, like the introduction to this tip.

I bet you were there.

You are working on your computer and have a specific task to complete.

But then you see a silly article title:

"Images of Johnny Depp's Genitals Leaked! You Won't Believe the Size!"

Screw you...

You are very tempted to click on the link quickly, aren't you?

Just take a quick look at the photos, then close the tab and get back to work.

That is what most people would do.

This is exactly why clickbait is taking the internet by storm.

The psychological principle ofcuriosityis very powerful

13 Tips for Tinder Success (15 Screenshots Show Exactly What To Do) (14)

And it is exactly according to this psychological principle that I developed my clickbait opener.

But... I didn't stop there.

I've added a few other psychological tricks to make this a compelling conversation starter.

Give it a try for a while, see how it works for you too.

I decided to give it away for free in a video. Along with 2 accompanying texts to start your chat.

It's a short video full of screenshot examples.

You can checkhere and get more reactions instantly.

#9: How to Get a Speed ​​Date for Your Tinder Match

Now here's some good advice if you're looking for success on Tinder.

Particularlyif you feel like you have little or no connection to your games.

And if we're being honest, that seems to be the case quite often, doesn't it?

You are behind your phone and she is behind hers.

That isyou make yourselfIs good..."she makes them

(can you really say that?)

However, it never feels like you and her are more than two separate things.

you're not in the moodA TEAM.


Not seem "US“.


Because if you can create that feeling of togetherness, it will be MUCH easier to get her to date.

And here's the good part:

It is easier than you think to create these feelings.

The next time you write an article about yourself and your interests, take a break.

If you're writing about them and their hobbies, stop for a second.

Instead, try one of these three terms:

  • Us(Let's set the trash cans on fire)
  • Together(Let's eat all you can eat ribs together)
  • Our(Our son would never do such a thing. He will be too beautiful for that)

Let's see an example screenshot:

13 Tips for Tinder Success (15 Screenshots Show Exactly What To Do) (15)

Do you see the last message I sent him there?

I could have stopped right after that."I mastered it when I was 3 years old.“.

Instead, we are going to present them together with a unicycle. You probably quickly pictured yourself doing a headstand on a unicycle. As I stand next to her, balancing her and her bike.

These silly little things are not only fun to imagine, but they also get you familiar with being together.

She jokingly replies that she is curious now.

And then he talks about me winning the Spoon World Championship...

How convenient...

found information about metinder profilethat I am a spatula master.

Another group activity...

Something that you and I can enjoy together. Something you can see yourself doing again.

And this time it's a little spicier than unicycle stunts.

Anyway, let's see why he's starting to talk about spooning, and even better:

AsOfyour matches can do the same.

#10: Steal one of my Tinder bios

We've already talked enough about Tinder bios in this article.

But in this tip, I'll give you an example screenshot of one of myold fashionedBIOS.

I tried it for months and it definitely helped me secure some solid Tinder connections.

(Learn more abouthave sex on tinderHere).

Your bio, just like your photos, is a tool to make the conversation as easy as possible.

You could be like everyone else and write a laxative bio like:

wanderlust | Animals | good food | friends | laugh

Or you could decide that you really want to increase your Tinder success rate by 69% and write a bio that:

  • Makes it easy to text him first
  • Makes it easy to bring up a new topic in the middle of a conversation.
  • make her laugh
  • makes you more attractive
  • Don't try to look cool and multi-talented.

13 Tips for Tinder Success (15 Screenshots Show Exactly What To Do) (16)

Triple gold medal at the SWC (Spooning World Championships) 2015-2017. *And then some medal emojis*

looks a lot likeSheet, Is not true?

Which is clear.

But this is great.

(Video) Reacting To Dating Profiles- How To Get MORE Matches & Biggest Mistakes Guys Make! | Courtney Ryan

Everyone knows it's a joke you made up. And that's even better.

Now women know that you can play. You make up funny nonsense.

And you are confident in your harvesting skills.

When I first used this bio in 2016, it worked like a charm.

Since then some people have copied it, but there are still manyfishLadies who have never seen.

And again:

Does this biography seduce all the women who go through your profile?

No opportunity.

Does it make a lot of girls laugh?

In any case.

And as you saw in the last screenshot, this gives women another topic of conversation:

13 Tips for Tinder Success (15 Screenshots Show Exactly What To Do) (17)

Holy advice:

Do you have a photo that has a masculine/tough/rough/extreme/raunchy vibe? Add it to your profile as your 3thirdof 4ºPhotography. Just like I did here with my surf photo.

Ok, ok, ok!

Enough biographies for now.

Let's see something that's super powerful... and yet...

…almost no one uses it.

#11: Tinder's Success with the Tightrope Walking Principle

This principle leads to smoother conversations without becoming your downfall in online dating.

You have experienced this emotional roller coaster before. That hopeful feeling you get when you're paired with a beauty.

you send him a text message

She replies to the message.

13 Tips for Tinder Success (15 Screenshots Show Exactly What To Do) (18)

But then it happens.

Your enthusiasm takes over.

And before you know it, your needy side wakes up and takes over.

That's when things go southreally fast. She sent a short or late reply to the last message from her, now send a textvery hungryfor your answer. This usually results in weak texts that end up getting an even weaker response from the girl. At some point you get to the point whereshe doesn 't answersomehow!

Fortunately, we can avoid this.

There are several ways to do this. But if you're new and still not confident in your own texting skills...

...so I advise you to find the balance.

balance total.

In other words: you and your corresponding text are equally important.

This is an example of a Tinder conversation where I filled in the speech bubbles. That way you won't be distracted by the content and you get a very visual representation of a LOT of text being sent.

13 Tips for Tinder Success (15 Screenshots Show Exactly What To Do) (19)

This is a classic example of balanced conversation.

The opening is a text, but afterwards we always send2 texts of approximately the same length.

Now this is not something I consciously strove for.

It happened automatically.

Well, most of the time when you send a text message you will not see a very similar scenario.

In fact, he is the man who sends the most messages.conversation starter.

Especially on Tinder, women have OPPORTUNITIES.

Men all over Tinder use horrible tactics and take advantage of any girl willing to have them.

One of the consequences is that you and I have to "prove" ourselves at the beginning of the conversation.

We need to invest a little more than them and make them see that it is worth investing time.

If you succeedbalanced conversation, you can take things to the next level...

...with the power ofemotional balance.

#12: The power of emotional dynamics

Do you want girls to text you more?

Do you allow them to invest time and messages in you while you sit?


Then you must do the following:

Once you see her put in some more, you can start your brilliant plan.

clean shore. start mission.

13 Tips for Tinder Success (15 Screenshots Show Exactly What To Do) (20)

One thing you can do, especially if you are investing a lot, is to use the2/3thirdRuler.

O2/3thirdRulerit's as simple as it sounds.

You write about two thirds of what she writes.

santa claus says:

Like the 50/50 balance, these are guidelines. There are no sacred rules that have to be religiously followed as if it's the only way to achieve Tinder success.

Let's see the example screenshot below.

At the beginning of the conversation, I clearly invest more.

After a few days of chill texting, she takes over.

13 Tips for Tinder Success (15 Screenshots Show Exactly What To Do) (21)

The whole blue arrow area is the part where I send the most text messages.

In the green arrow zone, she takes over.

+ She accepts the exchangeinstagram content.

I asked my illustrator to draw a picture of him.

This is what we have:

13 Tips for Tinder Success (15 Screenshots Show Exactly What To Do) (22)


It's prettier than 90% of modern art.

Let me briefly explain what the heck you are looking at.

This is actually a type of scale.

The two scales are simply not physically connected.

This is magic. Or a misunderstanding of physics on my part. One of the two.

Anyway, the total weight of is on the scale on the left.your investment.

On the scale on the right, when the total weight ofyour investment.

You and she would levitate at the same height if everything were in balance. Just like the first screenshot we saw. The ones with full speech bubbles.

Now, this is where it gets interesting if you want to be successful on Tinder:

There are two buttons at the bottom of the scale.

A green one on his side.

A red on your side.

Those who invest the most are closer to pressing a button.

Yours is red because if you invest too much... it doesn't look good.

They will appear as:

  • needy
  • insecure
  • a virgin

If you can get him to invest more than you invest, you will be closer to hitting the green button.

When this happens, my divine hand descends from heaven. With my holy powers, I bless you with a TextGod award. Now you've officially hooked her.

The more he invests, the greater his addiction to you.

So remember, soldier, the next time you realize you're out-investing them...

…CHILL OUT. Everything is good. You have permission to do this.

As long as you realize this can't go on forever.

At some point they will have to start investing as much or even more than you.

Because if it doesn't, you're going to hit the red button.

Still having trouble steering a conversation in the right direction without hitting the red button?

try to read my articleHow to carry on a conversation.

#13: Tinder Openers You Can Steal From Me

Have you ever wanted to use a new line?

Something new to start conversations... Something you've never used before...

(Video) Dating App Tips For Men | Courtney Ryan

I understand you. Aren't we all a little lazy sometimes?

Let's look at three copy and paste openers.


We've all seen a lot of boring, recycled openers.

So let's have a laugh and try some more...weird lines.

would you like to come in

I don't know if you have a dog, brother.

But if you don't... do it now.

At least for this start, you'll pretend you know.

And he's not a very well behaved dog.

13 Tips for Tinder Success (15 Screenshots Show Exactly What To Do) (23)

It's pretty absurd.

And very funny when you imagine the scene hahaha.

Imagine a hyperactive puppy limping off your phone screen. And you try to make it stop. The poor iPhone didn't even consent to it.

Just to be safe, you should go with:

My dog ​​started limping on my phone after I opened his photo.

"Image" instead of "Instagram" because some girls don't have thatInstagram(linked to non-Tinder profile).

Another thing I like about this opener is the fact that it is a real quote.

While going straight to the meeting almost never works...

...it's good to plant a little seed once in a while.

After moving forward in the conversation, you can write something like:

Oh lord my dog ​​saw your profile and started limping again. Time to take him for a ride.

Urgent dilemma: ¿Bobs or Vagene?

Do you like it when people ask you for your opinion?

It's great to know that what you think matters.

But every time people ask you for your opinion, something else comes into play.

Well, two things:

  • Most people want to impress the other person with their answer.
  • People will want to know why you asked.

Do you have an important decision to make?

Do they just want to know your answer to judge if you are the guy or the person they want?

Now that you're on Tinder, you can ask your date all sorts of classic dilemmas:

¿pizzas o pastas?

Marijuana or alcohol?

One super best friend or 5 good friends?

Or you can customize your opener and make it more impressive.

And it's more likely to lead to Tinder's success.

I am in kyiv now. There are two restaurants that I go to frequently.

One is called "Puzata hata", the other "Milkbar".

So I asked a few local games which one was their favourite:

13 Tips for Tinder Success (15 Screenshots Show Exactly What To Do) (24)

If the design of this app confuses you, it's just Tinder.

Oweb clientversion of it.

Anyway, we got a good response from her.

And so I continued the conversation. Share my detailed opinion about the food there. And other things.

Let's see another:

13 Tips for Tinder Success (15 Screenshots Show Exactly What To Do) (25)

We have a good laugh, an emoji and your opinion.

That's more than it takes to start a good conversation on Tinder.

The Miscellaneous Opener (A Golden Classic)

are you a bodybuilder?

The chances that you are not are very high.

And if you didn't, you probably didn't spend hours on bodybuilding.com every week.

A site that was once home to a brilliant text game.

A forum-born opener is just something different.

He is longer than most starters. But no word is superfluous.

Here it comes:

If there were a nuclear apocalypse in which only Jessica Alba and I survived and were tasked with repopulating the world, I would kill myself rather than force myself to fornicate with her, because I know our descendants would look like a leprous monstrosity compared to the potential they hold. has. It could have been done by a celestial beauty like you, <name>.

The concept is simple but ingenious:

You adore her SO MUCH that she can't believe you mean it anymore.

It's obviously a copy-paste opener, but some women will forgive you because:

  • you have never seen this
  • it is so beautifully written

It is one of my favorites:

13 Tips for Tinder Success (15 Screenshots Show Exactly What To Do) (26)

If you're lucky, you might even meet a talkative girl like this.

Ahhh, Tinder can be a magical place.

Let's see if women can be creative on Tinder:

Sum up your Tinder experience for me.

that little ghostTo trygive you a better idea of ​​your online ranking and chances of success.


Like youTinder Experiencedid it go that far?

Chances are it could be better. Especially since you are reading my article (which, by the way, I thank you for).

Maybe you've had some great dates.

Maybe you had one of the best nights of your life.

Whatever you've experienced...

...how would you sum it up for an outsider.speechless.

That same.

In the next opening, he will ask women about their experiences on Tinder.

But they have to describe it in a GIF.

Hi <name>, describe your Tinder experience with a GIF.

13 Tips for Tinder Success (15 Screenshots Show Exactly What To Do) (27)

Your reaction is a pretty good representation of your competition on Tinder.

I found this opener less effective than the others.

Asking them for creative input so early in the interaction can be too big of an investment.

What you can do is test their creativity later, when the conversation is going well.

If you want an opener that gets great results, this is just what you need.

One Tinder Opener to Rule Them All

Not all openers have the same chance of success on Tinder.

OMG I tried a few lines that worked terribly.

But I also tried some lines that turned out wonderful.

Gorgeous. Fabulous. BRIGHT!

One of them was a starter. He has a higher response rate than anyone else I've tried.

Some of these bright lines can be used almost whenever you want.

And even though I was given the name TextGod, I am still a mere mortal hoping to one day walk through the gates of heaven.

One way to collect karma is to share solid information in my articles.

Another is to give you my FREE TextGod Toolkit.

Contains my best Tinder opener,10 lines to copy and paste, and a detailed profile checklist.

Download it just below.

Luis Farfields

(Video) Latest Tinder Algorithm Hacks For Success I WINGMAN

And don't forget your download below ;)


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